Judge Carter Wins Re-Election
November 3, 2020
Judge Carter won re-election with 61.8% of the vote. Thank you First District voters, campaign volunteers and supporters!

Judge Carter Wins Dakota County Bar Association Poll
October 21, 2020
The Dakota County Bar Association today announced the results of its plebiscite (poll) for the contested judicial race in the First Judicial District. Of the member attorneys who participated in the poll, 87% supported Judge Joseph Carter. Judge Carter is running for re-election after serving as a District Judge for nearly 20 years.

Judge Carter’s Campaign Advertisements Appear in Local Newspapers in the First Judicial District
October 2, 2020
Judge Carter’s campaign ads have begun to appear in newspapers in the First Judicial District, including a number of local papers in the Sun Media network.

First Judicial District leaders support Judge Carter in Letters-to-the-Editor in Local Newspapers
October 1, 2020
Letters of support for Judge Carter have begun appearing in local newspapers, including the Hutchinson Leader and Sun Media newspapers.

Judge Carter’s Campaign Launches a New Campaign Facebook Page
September 30, 2020
Judge Carter’s re-election campaign recently launched a new Facebook page. Please visit and like it for updates.

Judge Carter Receives Endorsement from the Academy of Certified Trial Lawyers of Minnesota
September 22, 2020
Mike Bryant, Dean of the Academy of Certified Trial Lawyers of Minnesota (ACTLM), announced endorsement decisions for the November 3, 2020 general judicial elections, which included the endorsement of Judge Joseph Carter for Minnesota’s First Judicial District.