Judge Joseph Carter

Appointed in 2001 and elected in 2002, 2008, 2014 and 2020,
Judge Joseph Carter has served the Minnesota First District with integrity and character for nearly 20 years.

Thank you First District voters and campaign volunteers and supporters!


Judge Carter


Judge Carter serves as the Peer Court Judge for a Dakota county diversion program that offers an alternative to traditional sentencing for many of the county’s high schools. 


Judge Carter’s career has been focused on helping people, with a background in social work as well as law. He has continued to serve on many committees and give back to the community.


Ensuring that fairness and justice prevail is central to Judge Carter’s philosophy. He strives to approach all cases with compassion, wisdom, and fairness. 



I know that litigants, whether represented by an attorney or not, expect me to look at their cases with compassion, wisdom, and fairness. 

They want me to see them as an individual, to truly hear what they have to say, and to do my best to give them a just legal decision, whether it is a criminal, family, or civil case.  To each person who appears before me, their case is important to them, and it is important that I listen compassionately and decide wisely.

Judge Joseph Carter

Minnesota’s First Judicial District

The First Judicial District includes Carver, Dakota, Goodhue, Le Sueur, McLeod, Scott, and Sibley counties.

Visit the Minnesota Judicial Branch website for more information about the district.

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